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Do you want to start doing business in Poland and take advantage of the fast developing emerging market?

Excellent! You’ve come to specialists in this field.

Poland is a very attractive location for business due to the fact that it is one of the fastest growing countries in Europe and one of the largest European markets. Like every country, it can cause many difficulties with bureaucracy and legal aspects. We know how to help you, we will show you the direction of your company’s development in our market and comprehensively help you get through all aspects of the market.

Why is Poland an attractive place to do business?

  • The only economy in the European Union with continuous economic growth despite the economic crisis.
  • Favorable conditions thanks to participation in many unions.
  • A large number of students – well-educated employees.
  • The possibility of obtaining EU funding

You can be sure that we will help you in every situation!

We specialize in starting and selecting the right form of business, choosing the best law firm, tax office, finding an office, checking future business partners in terms of financial liquidity. We also help in establishing business contacts. We provide full support for HR, PR and marketing.

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You can be sure that we will help you in every situation!